BaruwaOS 6.10.9

New Features

Support for Mandatory Two Factor Authentication

Prior to this release it was not possible to mandate the use of two Factor authentication on user accounts.

It is now possible to set the require Two Factor Authentication option on user accounts. When set users will not be able to login and use the system until they have enrolled a device and enabled Two Factor Authentication.

Improved Two Factor Authentication workflow

The Two Factor Authentication workflow has been improved to ensure that users cannot lock themselves out when they enable it.

Improved support for TLS version 1.3

Prior to this release TLSv1.3 was only available on the SMTP service, this release adds support on HTTP as well as most backend services.

Support for HTTP2

This release adds support for HTTP2 on the web interface.

Commandline support for generation of DKIM keys

The paster update-dkim-keys command has been added and it allows for the generation of domain DKIM keys via the command line.



Known Issues

Template changes

If you are using a custom template and do not update your templates you may ran into issues, ensure that you update your templates on upgrade.