BaruwaOS 6.10.5

New Features

BaruwaScanner scanning engine

The MailScanner scanning engine has been replaced by the BaruwaScanner scanning engine. We announced the fork of MailScanner to BaruwaScanner a few years ago, this is the result of that project now ready for use in BaruwaOS.



MailScanner is now depeciated and has been replaced by BaruwaScanner. Rulesets that use the customization system will be automatically migrated to BaruwaScanner. If you have custom settings in your MailScanner configuration you need to migrate those manually.

All MailScanner related settings and files have been replace by their BaruwaScanner equivalents.

paster update-sa-rules command

The paster update-sa-rules command has been replaced by the standalone update-sa-rules command. This command operates in the background and most users never have to interact with it. The new standalone update-sa-rules command offers enhanced performance compared to the old paster update-sa-rules command. The command also addresses a bug in the previous command that prevented rules without descriptions from being imported into the web interface to allow users to assign local scores.

Known Issues

Template changes

If you are using a custom template and do not update your templates you may ran into issues, ensure that you update your templates on upgrade.

MailScanner commands

MailScanner has been depeciated so its commands are no longer available there are BaruwaScanner equivalents for most commands.