BaruwaOS 6.10.1

New Features

Fine grained support for blocking attachments containing macros

Prior to this release it was only possible to block attachments with macros on a global scale using baruwa-setup.

It is now possible to block on the following basis.

  • User
  • Domain
  • Relay

This means that if for example you want to block attachments with macros for the whole domain but only allow one user to recieve these attachments, it is now possible to do so.

You can also prevent or allow the outbound transmission of attachments with macros using the new option on relay settings.

Support for Outbound only domain administration

It is now possible to configure outbound only domains on the server and assign these domains to an organization to allow for the domain admins to manage these domains.

The Accept Inbound Mail option has been added to the domain management forms. When this option is unchecked, the domain operates in outbound only mode.

Support spam scores and actions for SMTP AUTH outbound clients

Prior to this release spam scores and actions were only effective on non SMTP AUTH outbound clients.

With this release, the options are now effective for both SMTP AUTH and non SMTP AUTH outbound clients.

Support for restricting outbound sender domains

Prior to this release it was possible for outbound clients to send mail using any sender domain and it was not possible to restrict the sender domains to the ones configured for the organization.

The above could be abused by outbound clients forging their sender addresses.

The Allow any sender domain option has been added to relay settings to allow for enabling or disabling this restriction.

To allow outbound clients to send using any domain name the option should be checked (default). This emulates the existing behaviour of the system.

To restrict the outbound clients to using only the sender domains configured for the organization this option should be unchecked.



Known Issues

Template changes

If you are using a custom template and do not update your templates you may ran into issues, ensure that you update your templates on upgrade.