BaruwaOS 6.10.8

New Features

Support for Implicit SMTP over TLS

Full support has been added for SMTP over TLS for destination servers and smarthosts as recommended by RFC 8314.

With this addition it is now possible to define destination servers and smarthosts that use implicit TLS on port 465 or any port of your choice.

Previously only SMTP and LMTP were supported for delivery to destination servers while smarthosts only used SMTP with no option to choose any other protocol.

This allows you to depreciate the use of STARTTLS for SMTP to comply with RFC 8314 as well as mitigate the known STARTTLS vulnerabilities.

Support for additional protocols for smarthost submission

Previously only the SMTP protocol was used for smarthost submission of email. Now it is possible to select either SMTP, LMTP or SMTPS.

When multiple smarthosts with different protocols are defined, the smarthost to use will be selected based on the priorities as follows: SMTPS, SMTP and lastly LMTP.

Fail over between protocols is not supported.

Improvements to SAML2 intergration

Various improvements have been made to the SAML2 implementation to make it more user friendly.

Improvements to local scores implementation

User interface changes have been made to the local scores implementation to explicitly show which rules have been modified locally as well as which ones have been disabled.



Known Issues

Upgrade order

Ensure that in clustered setups you upgrade the backend prior to upgrading your frontend systems. Failure to do this cause cause some mail to get bounced or rejected.

Custom configuration changes

Changes have been made to the salt configuration module for SMTP, If you have customised your salt configuration you need to sync the new changes to your customised module.

Template changes

If you are using a custom template and do not update your templates you may ran into issues, ensure that you update your templates on upgrade.