Scheduled commands

Scheduled commands are configured as cronjobs to carry out house keeping and maintenance tasks on the system by default.

The following scheduled paster commands are installed and enabled by default.


This contains several commands which are run at different intervals.

Interval Command Description
3 Minutes paster update-queue-stats /etc/baruwa/production.ini Updates the mail queue statistics
@ 00H00 update-sa-rules Updates the Spam rules descriptions for the web interface
Hourly paster send-quarantine-reports /etc/baruwa/production.ini Sends out the quarantine reports in the users timezone
@ 01H00 paster prune-database /etc/baruwa/production.ini Archives old records to the archive table and prunes old records from the archive table
@ 02H00 paster prune-quarantine /etc/baruwa/production.ini Deletes old quarantined messages from disk
@ 10 mins every hour on the 1st paster send-pdf-reports /etc/baruwa/production.ini Sends out the PDF reports in the users timezone
@ 20 mins every hour every day paster send-pdf-reports -t domain -p daily -d 1 /etc/baruwa/production.ini Sends out the daily PDF reports in users timezone
@ 30 mins every hour on Monday paster send-pdf-reports -t domain -p weekly -d 7 /etc/baruwa/production.ini Sends out the weekly PDF reports in users

Other scheduled commands

You will find all the other schedules system commands in the cron directories in /etc/cron.d /etc/cron.hourly /etc/cron.daily /etc/cron.weekly