BaruwaOS 6.10.10

New Features

Jquery upgrade

Jquery has been upgraded to the latest version. This pulls in various fixes and improvements. Code written for the old API will not work and needs to be updated if you have custom code within your themes.

Dynamic score reduction for outbound users

A plugin has been added that will allow for negating scores on some rules for outbound users dynamically. In the past negating of scores for outbound users was based on static rules, meaning if a user changed the local score of that rule the outbound reduction would be out of sync with the new local score.

The new plugin dynamically negates the actual scores for specified rules for outbound senders, thus resolving the above issue.


  • Jquery, the old API has been depreciated.

Known Issues

Template changes

If you are using a custom template and do not update your templates you may ran into issues, ensure that you update your templates on upgrade.

Jquery changes

If you have custom code in your themes that use the old jquery API they need to be updated to the latest API 3.x.