BaruwaOS 6.10.4

New Features

Kaspersky Scan Engine support

The Kaspersky Scan Engine is now supported and can be configured as an SMTP Time or POST SMTP Time Anti Virus Engine.

Improved F-Secure Anti-Virus integration

The POST SMTP F-Secure Anti-Virus integration has been updated to use the F-Secure daemon, this is more efficient than the previous commandline based implementation.

Simplified configuration

The simplified configuration with minimal screens which was introduced for the standalone profile in version 6.7.4 has now been extended to the backend systems.

It is still possible to access detailed configuration by using the -d or --detailed switchs to baruwa-setup.

The configuration of clustering of backends has been improved as well. There is no need to setup the system without clustering and then enable clustering after. The system can be configured for clustering straight away.


Backend Cluster configuration

The requirement to configure the bootstrap server without clustering initially is now depreciated. The bootstrap server can now be configured to use clustering straight away.

Known Issues