Upgrade Type

  • Enhancement
  • Bug fix

Backward compatibility

This release introduces backwards incompatible database schema changes.

The relaysettings table has been modified to support the relay settings ratelimit option.

The messages and archive table have been updated to include a msgfiles column which stores the message on disk location.

New dependencies

  • arrow
  • python-cdb

New configuration options

  • baruwa.send.reports.at - Sets the hour at which reports are sent out, this is translated to a users specific timezone.


Review the changelog for version 2.0.7 and read the updated documentation before you proceed with the upgrade.


Please note that Baruwa Enterprise Edition 2.0.7 uses a custom OS known as BaruwaOS this is based on CentOS so it will upgrade in place on any RHEL clone.

Change Management

Ensure you follow your organization change management policy and schedule downtime as well as plan how to revert.

Backup your entire system before you proceed.

Activation Key

Make sure you have your activation key, before you proceed. If you have misplaced your key please contact Support.

Known issues

Passwords file

If the script detects that you are using weak database passwords it will automatically generate new passwords. If you are running in a cluster and require these new passwords they will be stored in /root/.cluster-pws.txt. The passwords are only stored if the configuration being upgraded is a clustered configuration. In standalone mode the passwords will be stored only in the encrypted database.

After you have finished the upgrade it is important that you delete this file.

baruwa-setup fails with sa-compile error

If you get the following error when running baruwa-setup:

Salt Engine reported error(s),
Processing state:
failed => command "sa-compile" run

Run the following command:

mv -vf /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf.rpmnew /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

Then run baruwa-setup again:

baruwa-setup -p /usr/local/src/$(hostname).pp

Run OS Upgrade

Download the OS upgrade script from the Baruwa Enterprise Edition website:

cd /usr/local/src
curl -O https://www.baruwa.com/downloads/upgradeos.py

Run the upgrade script to convert your OS to BaruwaOS:

chmod +x upgradeos.py

The script will execute and convert your system to BaruwaOS

Run setup utility

Baruwa Enterprise Edition >= 2.0.7 uses an automated wizard based utility called baruwa-setup to configure the system. This utility collects configuration information from the user, performs any required software updates and then configures the system based on the profile selected and the configuration data collected. This simplifies the whole setup process in that the user does not have to edit any files.

The baruwa-setup utility is a wizard that asks a series of questions and then configures the system based on the answers provided.

A pass phrase is required to secure the authentication information that is collected.

Make sure you choose a strong pass phrase which is easy for you to remember but difficult to guess for others, a long sentence describing a personal experience is a good pass phrase.


The baruwa-setup utility will automatically detect your existing certificates based on the hostname, if this is successful it will set the I have a CA issued certificate to checked. Do NOT uncheck this if you intend on creating a self signed certificate with the same details. If you do a certificate with the same serial number will be generated and it will be rejected by your client machines.

The baruwa-setup utility will import settings from your existing puppet manifest and prompt you for any new configuration settings. It will then upgrade your system.:

baruwa-setup -p /usr/local/src/$(hostname).pp

Monitor logs for issues

You can monitor the relevant logs using the baruwa-logs utility:


If you run into any issues please contact Support

Thats it.