Baruwa Enterprise Edition house keeping tool

Author:Andrew Colin Kissa
Manual section:8
Manual group:System Administration Utilities


paster [paster_options] COMMAND [command_options]


Custom paster commands provided to enable scripting of house keeping tasks such as quarantine cleanup, Database maintenance, configuration updates etc.


-v, --version Prints the version number and exits.
-h, --help Prints a usage message and exits.


camqadm CAMQP Admin

celerybeat Start the celery beat server

celeryd Start the celery worker

celeryev Celery event command.

change-user-password Change a user’s password

check-user-password Check a user’s password

create-admin-user Create an administrator account

dump-mta-lookup-file Display the contents MTA cdb lookup files

prune-database archives, then deletes old records, and trims archive

prune-quarantine cleans the quarantine directory

send-pdf-reports Send summary PDF reports

send-quarantine-reports Send quarantine reports

send-top-spammer-list Generates a list of top spammers and emails it

send-whitelist-data Generates a list of top ham senders for whitelisting

update-delta-index Update the Delta and RT indexes[messages, archive]

update-mta-lookup Generates cdb lookup files for the MTA

update-queue-stats Read the items in the queue and populate DB

update-rulesets Generates file based Scanner rulesets

update-sa-rules Update the Spamassassin rule descriptions

update-dkim-keys Creates or removes DKIM key files


  • man 8 baruwa-setup
  • man 8