Baruwa Enterprise Edition management tool

Author:Andrew Colin Kissa
Manual section:8
Manual group:System Administration Utilities


baruwa-setup [options]


baruwa-setup is a utility program used to manage Baruwa Enterprise Edition servers. It simplifies the management of systems by collecting configuration information, performing configuration changes, storing configuration information, performing system updates and other system management tasks.

On the first ran a passphrase is set, this passphrase is used to encrypt the system configuration data that is collected. Ensure you set a strong passphrase and do not loose this passphrase as it is not possible to recover this passphrase.

All system updates and upgrades should be done using the baruwa-setup command. Do NOT use the yum command to perform upgrades as that will leave your system in an unconfigured inconsistent state.


-b ENGINE, --config-engine=ENGINE
 Sets the configuration engine to use, only SaltStack supported at the moment
-p PUPPET_FILE, --puppet-manifest=PUPPET_FILE
 Sets the Puppet Manifest file to load settings from for migration
-s, --skip-questions
 Skip questions, Only install updates and configure the system
-c, --configure
 Skip questions and updates, Only configure system
-d, --detailed Enable detailed mode, show screens that would be skipped in normal mode
-e, --export-manifest
 Export the configuration settings to a SaltStack SLS settings
-r, --reset-passphrase
 Reset the baruwa-setup passphrase
-g, --regenerate-passwords
 Regenerate the autogenerated system credentials
-k, --change-activation-key
 Change the Activation key
-l, --change-local-activation-key
 Change the Activation key, locally only
-p, --consul-keygen
 Generate consul encryption key
-n, --non-interactive
 Use non interactive mode
-v, --version Prints the version number and exits.
-h, --help Prints a usage message and exits.


  • man 8 baruwa-import
  • man 8 puppet2salt