Spamhaus Data Query Service (DQS)

DQS (acronym for Data Query Service) is a set of DNSBLs with real time updates operated by Spamhaus Technology a world leading provider of reputation based threat intelligence.

DQS provides real time updates which is crucial when dealing with hailstormers. DQL also contains ZRD (Zero Reputation Domains). ZRD automatically adds newly-registered and previously dormant domains to a block list for 24 hours. It also gives you return codes that indicate the age of the domain in hours since first observation.

Baruwa Enterprise Editions integrates with the Spamhaus Technology DQS.

What is the licensing for DQS?

The usage terms for DQS are the same as those of the public Spamhaus mirrors. Users with low traffic are entitled for a free DQS key.

How do I register a DQS key?

Complete the registration on the Spamhaus website, then login to the portal to access your DQS key.


The baruwa-setup command is capable of configuring your system to make use of the DQS service. DQS can be setup for both SMTP time checks as well as POST SMTP time checks.

To enable SMTP time checks you need to select the RBL in the Enable RBLs check list of the MTA Additional Settings screen in baruwa-setup.

You then have to enter your DQS key obtained from the Spamhaus portal in the Spamhaus Technology DQS Key field in the MTA More Settings screen in baruwa-setup.

Entering the DQS key enables the POST SMTP time checks.

All setup and configuration is handled automatically by baruwa-setup there is no need to manually configure anything.