Abusix Mail Intelligence

Abusix Mail Intelligence (AMI) is a subset of the data available in Abusix Intelligence that has been specifically designed and tested for email use.

Abusix has an extensive network of spam traps and honeypots and these are used to provide real-time, actionable threat intelligence data that can be used to prevent spam, phishing, malware and any other types of abuse.

The goal is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and innovative set of real-time threat intelligence data available.

Baruwa Enterprise Editions integrates with Abusix Mail Intelligence.

How do I register an Abusix Mail Intelligence key?

You can complete registration on the Abusix site, and the login to the portal to obtain your key.


The baruwa-setup command is capable of configuring your system to make use of the Abusix Mail Intelligence service. Abusix Mail Intelligence can be setup for both SMTP time checks as well as POST SMTP time checks.

To enable SMTP time checks you need to select the combined.mail.abusix.zone RBL in the Enable RBLs check list of the MTA Additional Settings screen in baruwa-setup.

You then have to enter your Abusix Mail Intelligence key obtained from the Abusix Mail Intelligence portal in the Abusix Mail Intelligence Key field in the MTA More Settings screen in baruwa-setup.

Entering the Abusix Mail Intelligence key enables the POST SMTP time checks.

All setup and configuration is handled automatically by baruwa-setup there is no need to manually configure anything.