Message Sniffer

The Message Sniffer software is designed to be installed on an email server or filtering appliance. Message Sniffer is driven by a professionally managed rulebase, available via subscription, that is continuously monitored and updated by intelligent machines and highly trained analysts. This teamwork between synthetic intelligence and extraordinary people reduces your administrative workload to a minimum and allows SNF to respond quickly (within minutes) to new threats while also predicting future hazards so they can be blocked before they arrive. Details on Message Sniffer can be found on their website at

Baruwa Enterprise Editions integrates with the Message Sniffer software.


Message Sniffer subscriptions are available for purchase from us at discounted list prices. To purchase a Message Sniffer subscription please contact us.


The automated install system is capable of installing and configuring Message Sniffer software. In order to install Message Sniffer using the automated system, you need to contact us to purchase a subscription we will email you an AUTHENTICATION ID as well as a LICENSE ID.

You should then run the baruwa-setup utility and set the Authentication ID and the License ID in the Message Sniffer Settings screen and check the Enable Message Sniffer checkbox. The utility will setup your system to use Message Sniffer.